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5 September 2009

With much sadness, I must announce that the Ocean Explorers Society is shutting down. 

We didn't come to this decision easily, and there may be a few regrets. But it's the right thing to do. We've spent many years serving both our members and our community, but we simply don't have enough active members to be the vibrant organization the diving community deserves. 

The club's remaining funds will go to the San Diego Oceans Foundation. They do lots of good work within our community, and certainly deserve our support. Perhaps it's most fitting that we can help them in a time of need.

The web site will remain online for at least the next year or so. 

A lot of people have given much to the club over the years. I'd try to list them all, but there are too many so, I'll just list a few standouts. Mark Clausen for ably carrying the President's mantle for so many years. Eileen, who kept our newsletter concise and relevant. Everyone who organized a trip. Robin, our keeper of the faith, who always comes up with the most amusing give-aways. And lastly, to a bunch of people I'll call friends until I stop breathing. You know who you are

On behalf of the Ocean Explorers,
So long, and thanks for all the fish,
Dave Ambrose
President, Ocean Explorers Society

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