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HMCS Yukon 

As everyone should know by now, the Yukon sank ahead of schedule. We were lucky enough to have chartered the Lois Ann for the week after the sinking. Despite having the sink event go awry, this is still an awesome dive, and well worth doing, especially before this winter.

She's settled on her port side instead of upright. Most of the port side access holes are now blocked. Fortunately, the map room with the Honor wall is readily accessible from the port side of the bridge.

Penetrating the wreck must be done with great care. Most dive stores carry Yukon maps printed on plastic slates. I highly recommend bringing one of these with you if you dive the Yukon.

I have heard of a few close calls inside the Yukon. There have also been 3 cases of DCS on Yukon dives. The ship is deeper than your usual recreational dive. You have to watch your air more closely. If you have any doubts about going inside, don't do it.

The ship is a 366 foot long Canadian Mackenzie class destroyer. She was supposed to be sunk in a grand festival of fireworks and explosives, but she had her own ideas and sank 2 days early. Fortunately, she was moored at her proper position when she sank. She's sitting in 100 feet of water on a sand and silt bottom.

The original plan called for the ship to be a dive for all skill levels. However, with the ship on her side, this is an intermediate to advanced dive. The main part of the ship is 70-90 ft. deep. There are still numerous holes in the hull to allow access. Bring two lights, just in case.

Because the ship is on her side, there are sections which don't have direct access to open water. Be absolutely sure you know what you're doing if you penetrate these sections.

The Yukon got here through years of hard work, and lots of donations. As we enjoy her, it's worth remembering the contributions of the Yukon volunteers. They have worked long and hard to bring the ship to San Diego, and place her on the bottom.

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