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While at the SCUBA show, we ran across the Prescription Dive Mask company. They were offering a $10 off show special. I'd already looked into getting a prescription mask and had selected these people because they are local and were universally recommended on rec.scuba before it turned into rec.trash.scuba. Elizabeth was in serious need, so we took them up on their offer.

Here is her reaction: It's always nice to see things underwater. However most masks used for this purpose are not prescription and this is highly annoying to those of us without 20/20 vision. It's wonderful to be underwater, but it's also nice to see underwater. Recently I discovered the full extent of my u/w vision problems when I needed the compass 6 inches from my face to read it.

So I went and had my prescription installed in my mask. The first time I tried it out, my reaction was "WOW! I can SEE!" There are so many fish and they aren't fuzzy, or blurry, or globs of movement. Needless t say, I was thrilled. It was like being in the water for the first time.

I can personally attest to the smile. I haven't seen her that happy in a very long time. I highly recommend Prescription Dive Mask. They were a joy to work with and did an excellent job. Their normal price for single vision lenses is $99. That's in your exact prescription. The lenses you get from the mask manufacturers do not correct for astigmatism. If you have it, you need the prescription lenses. Also, the need is greater for us nearsighted types as the 25% magnification makes our vision that much worse.

The ability to replace a broken faceplate is another fringe benefit of Prescription Dive Mask's process. They can remove the lenses and mount them to the replacement faceplate, or another mask of the same type.

As soon as I get some money back in the SCUBA kitty, I'm going to get myself some corrective lenses. Can't let the kids have all the fun.

You can find Prescription Dive masks at http://www.prescriptiondivemasks.com/

If you're typing this in manually, please make sure you get the "s" on the end. There is another company with almost the same URL.

-- Dave Ambrose

Copyright 1999, 2002, David Ambrose All rights reserved.

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